Our Promise

“Inspiring healthfulness with high quality, sustainable sun-dried and dried fruits.”
– Traina Home Grown

Long-Term Commitment

For more than three generations, the Traina family has embraced the belief that slower is better. It’s not just a lifestyle choice; it’s the only way to capture the intensely rich flavor of our California Sun-Dried Fruit. A lengthy history and a bit of patience make a significant difference. That’s why we vehemently refuse to take shortcuts.


Traina Home Grown remains steadfastly committed to its roots, continuously offering products with integrity. We harness the richness of our Central Valley soil, mountain water, and the California sun. Combining 90 years of experience and tradition with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology and a stringent quality assurance program is our recipe for bringing premium products to market.

Standards and Practices

BRC Certification

We are proud to share that our facilities are BRC AAA+ certified. Our operational and quality assurance managers and employees are trained to oversee a comprehensive food safety management process – BRC Certification.

Kosher Certification
We are proud to relate that through every step of our process our delicious California Sun Dried Fruit products are 100% Kosher and certified under the supervision of ‘Vaad of Northern California.’ – Kosher Certification.

Organic Certification

Growing and producing delicious, safe, and healthful California Sun Dried Fruits has always been a part of our mission. As leaders in the dried fruit industry, we are proud to share that our Organic line of California Sun Dried Fruit is growing and that we are certified by Organic Certifiers, which complies with the US Department of Agriculture organic regulations. We follow organic farming practices, which includes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil. Fruit is produced without using conventional pesticides, and fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation – Organic Certification.

Our Sustainability Promise

At Traina Foods and Traina Home Grown, sustainability is paramount. From orchard to table, we’re dedicated to utilizing eco-friendly practices and minimizing our environmental impact. Explore our Sustainability page to learn more about our commitment to a greener future. –Sustainability